Monday, October 19, 2015

I've always wanted to purchase ILNP polishes, but with the crappy exchange rate with CAD vs U.S.D dollar it just wasn't going to happen anytime soon. I paired up with 3 other girls to do a mini group buy, to qualify for free shipping to Canada wooo! ILNP will offer free shipping to Canada any order $100 and over. I scored 4 pretties from this mini group buy, and excited to share my thoughts/swatches with you guys! 

First up we have Diablo - This is from their 2015 fall collection, which is now available. Got this one when it was on pre-oder, but it is now readily available to order. This is a beautiful ox blood/brick red/burgundy plum color, depending on number of coats applied and lighting. This polish is accented with an assortment of holographic luster, and just enough of red/copper shimmer. This is shown in 3 thin coats,and topped off with a fast drying top coat/ I'm not entirely a fan of wearing reds, but anything with holo speaks volumes to me and I absolutely love this color! Whenever fall comes around, I'm ready to put those summer neon's to rest and bring out dark vampy sexy colors, and this is definitely one of them!

Next up we have Mountain View - This is from their 2015 fall collection, which is now available. Got this one when it was on pre-oder, but it is now readily available to order. This is a fresh forest green holographic polish, with has depth and subtle blue undertones. Metallic bronze flakes compliment the holographic nicely, and looks stunning on! Again, I'm not a fan of the green polish family but I was trying to think outside the box when choosing which polishes I wanted. This is shown in 3 thin coats, topped with a fast drying topcoat. Opaqueness will depend on number, and thickness of coats. Beautiful fall/winter polish, which is perfect for this time of year. 

Next up we have Paper Route - This is a light grey polished jam packed with holographic pigment. Paper Route is apart of their Ultra Holo line, which is formulated for maximum holo effect. I have a huge thing for light colored holos, and this is hands down of my top fav's out of the 4 pretties I got in this order. Achieving such an intense holo in a light colored polish, comes with a few sacrifices. Due to the nature of this awesome polish, it is is less opaque than others. To reach full opacity 3-4 coats should be applied, depending on heavy your coats are. Although this is jam packed with holo, it's always more challenging photographing lighter holo's. I have snapped a few photos under a lamp indoors (no flash)

Last up on the list we have Cygnus Loop - This gorgeousness shuffles through a bright purple/orange/yellow/a bit of green and I've experienced a sexy cobalt blue in the mix also. This is 3 thin coats, and is from their ultra chrome line. I'm not much of a chrome polish person, but this one was highly recommended to me and thought since I'm thinking outside the box midas well! This one was the priciest one at $12.50USD, so I was eagerly hoping I would love it just as much when I received it. This is shown all on its own, and not over a black base. I assume it could be worn over a black base in just 1 coat. It's color shift is out of this world and stunning! Website says fully opaque in 2 coats, but I felt this polish was a little shear. Although I apply my coats quite thin, as thin coats dry quicker than thicker ones. As mentioned earlier I applied 3 thin coats, and perhaps 2 coats would work if applied generously. 

All in all, I found all these polishes to be stunning and had no regrets with any of them. Money well spent, and perhaps I'll be purchasing more in the future! 

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