Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I placed an order with a few girls as a mini group buy, in order to qualify for free shipping! I believe it's any order's $75+ which qualify for free shipping. The owner/operator of Mrs.P Potion's goes by the name of Bree, whom is Canadian based. I've been networking with her for quite some time, and come to see she is such a wonderful sweet woman who's became a great friend. She makes some fantastic products, along with affordable pricing. Down below I will review 3 polishes I received in a recent order including: Enchanted Fusion, Turning Tundra (thermal) and Prism Cell. 

First up we have Enchanted Infusion - this is a chameleon micro flakie that shifts between blue, violet, red and orange. This is great in 3-4 coats on its own, or in 1 coat over a black base. I'm currently wearing 3 thin coats of this, and gives great coverage. I love the different colors it shifts too, which depends on lighting/position. Down below I'll share a few snapshots of the color changes within different angles:

Next up we have LE Turning Tundra (thermal) - This was a limited edition, and is currently not available. She will re-stock this polish in the near future, so be on the look out as its not gone forever! So glad I got it while I did, because its simply gorgeous! This is a brown creme thermal with purple undertones which changes to orange as it gets warmer and grey/white when its completely warm. Full opacity will be reached in 2-3 coats, and down below I am wearing 3 thin coats. It's quite hard to capture thermals in all states, so I captured it mainly in the transition stages. This polish again, was a limited addition and glad I got it when I did! When I ordered this, I was able to chose Pumpkin Chai as a scent which is super fitting for the fall/winter season! Mmmmm my nails smell so yummy, and I just want to eat them!

Lastly we have Prism Cell -  This is a gorgeous white crelly linear/scattered holographic polish. This will reach full opacity in 2-3 coats, and here pictured is 3 thin coats. Funny background story on this particular polish, is I helped give her the idea in creating this! A while back she was the host of a group buy, and was trying to brainstorm within the group some exclusive custom colors everyone would all like too see . I chose white holo, because well I've never seen it done. This was originally exclusive to that particular group buy, but is now apart of her collection offered on her website.White holo is quite hard to do, as Spectraflair pigments can easily grey out the base color. She did a great job at formulating this polish, and was pleasantly surprised to see this in my package! One of my besties within the nail community whom is very close with Bree, surprised me with adding this into my order secretly. How sweet eh? I have such awesome friends :D

I do have other products from Mrs.P, and will be reviewing them at a later time. All in all I love supporting fellow Canadian Indie makers. Bree has turned into a great friend, and I'm so glad I've met her through this crazy world of Instagram. 

Visit her website:

"creativity at your fingertips"


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