Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chantelle from The Sparkly Shop had sent me a blogger package to review, and I was super excited about all these adorable glitters and charms! She sell's charms, glitter, hand made jewelry and press on nails. She's Canadian based, but since a huge portion of her customers are U.S her prices are in USD. Stay tuned until the end of this review, and I'll share a coupon code as she was so kind enough for me to share with my awesome followers! 

How cute are these charms? These are listed as 'best friends pair' and 'silver swallows' Down below I will share some mani's I've created using these adorable charms.

Are yall ready for some glitter macro shots + some mani's I've incorporated the glitter with? I'm about to puke glitter all over your screen! All these glitters shown comes in a colorful set called "oh my stars!' which are all matte! 

She also included a pot with Christmas inspired colors which contain; dots and snow flakes!

Charm's and glitter can easily amp up a plain manicure, and take it to the next level. The star glitters are the perfect size, not too big and sink into polish nicely. Her charms are super adorable, and I've just ordered a bunch for myself! Are you interested in purchasing? Use coupon code VIP15 for 15% off your next order!

Until next time, POLISH ON!

'creativity at your fingertips' 


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