Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Today I'll be sharing how I achieved this super cute look, in just a few simple steps! I enjoy these effortless looks, because the results turn out looking like a pro.I love cats, mint polish and flakies so what better than to combine them all :D

Lets get onto the steps!


Things you'll need:
1) Favorite base coat / top coat
2) Favorite mint polish (here I used Essence - Play with my mint)
3) Flakie topper (here I used Girly Bits - What low buy?)
4) A small cup of water .. even a water bottle cap will do
5) Cat water decals / scissors / tweezers (I purchased these cat water decals off eBay for $0.99CAD
6) Clean up brush / acetone (if you have a shaky hand while applying polish, this will be handy for removing any excess polish left along the cuticles leaving you with a well manicured look)

1) Apply desired base coat and allow to completely dry
2) Apply 2 coats of your mint polish, allowing a few minutes in between coats
3) Apply your desired iridescent flakie topcoat
4) Top off with a fast drying topcoat and allow to completely dry 
5) Carefully cut out image of choice from sheet and remove film
6) If using a small cup of water; with tweezers gently grip image, and soak in water for about 30 seconds.
If using a water bottle cap; place image into cap, soak in water for 30 seconds and remove carefully with tweezers
7) Place image on the back of a finger on the hand your applying the decal too. With your opposite hand, take the back of a finger and gently slide the image off the back of the sheet.
8) Place image to the nail, and take a tissue and dab off excess water
9) Seal in with your favorite fast drying topcoat, and clean any excess polish if needed and your done!

Wasn't that easy? Cute, simple and complete in a few simple steps. I know it may seem like a lot of steps reading it, but I like to be as thorough as I possibly can. I really like these particular water decals, as they're super opaque over light/dark base nail colors. Some water decals are kinda sucky, and due to them being more transparent they work best over a lighter shade of polish. The other thing I appreciate with these, is that the image comes off as the exact shape of the image when sliding off. Some water decals aren't cut the same way, so you would have to super duper annoyingly careful as to cut as close to the design as possible. If not, you'll end up seeing a unflattering border. These are awesome, inexpensive and perfect to use. Hope you enjoyed this look, and feel free to experiment with water decals to your own liking. It's always fun getting creative, and the best part is making things your own. 


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Until next time, polish on!

*these products were not sent to me for review, as I purchased them all with my own money*


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