Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today I'll be sharing how I achieved this super cute chic look, in a few simple steps. I have so many different nail art tools, and figured it was about time to dabble into my vinyls and play. I also wanted to go for a different/bolder look, and it's definitely fun playing with new looks.

Lets get onto the tutorial! 


Things you'll need:
1) Favorite base/top coat
2) White/black polish (here I used Essence; black is back, and wild white ways)
3) Half moon vinyls ( mine are from Lou It Yourself)
4) Tweezers and a clean up brush/acetone

1) Apply desired base coat and allow to completely dry
2) Apply 2 coats of your white polish (or 1 if your polish is super opaque in 1 coat) , apply top coat and allow to dry
*allow a good amount of dry time between step 2 and 3 as if base isn't dry enough, the vinyls will pull up the base polish if not fully dry*
3) Apply half moon vinyl to nail
4) Apply a generous coat of black polish
5) Quickly remove vinyl as polish is wet, as this will allow for cleanest lines
6) With your clean up brush and acetone, feel free to clean up any excess polish that may have transferred onto the skin
7) Top off with a quick dry top coat, and your done!

Have fun with this look as you can play up the colors to your liking and have fun with it!

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Unti next time, polish on!


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