Monday, November 09, 2015

Welcome back polish addicts!

In today's blog post, I will be reviewing a brand called K Squared Nail Paint. The owner/operator behind this hand made indie brand is named Karen and is based out of Brooklyn, NY - United States. I had contacted Karen asking if she would be interested in me reviewing her products, and she kindly replied being interested. I was super excited, because I truly love promoting and supporting Indie brands. Her polishes are inexpensive at $4.09CA (yes I'm totally serious!!!) for a full size 15ml and has 14 lovely shades to chose from. 

She had asked me to go forward with picking out 3 polishes that were to my liking, and my choices were; Midnite Galaxy, Birthday Surprise and Navy Yard.

Now lets get onto the review!


Here is 3 coats of Midnite Galaxy, which is a sparkly translucent grey with a deep blue under tone. This is shown without topcoat, because who needs topcoat when this polish is infused with such awesome shine! Of course I recommend wearing a topcoat, if you would like a longer wear time. This polish is gorgeous, and I just am obsessed with the sparkle!!

Here is is 3 coats of Birthday Surprise, which is a white crelly loaded with colorful matte glitters.This is shown with 1 coat of topcoat, and I suggest 2 to ensure a smooth finish. I'm just neurotic in the sense of I don't like bumpy/textures finishes, and apply 2 coats of a top coat to smooth the surface. This polish is super fun, and really give me that 'birthday Surprise' feel! I really love my crellies, and this one is a winner in my books!

Last up we have Navy Yard, which is a lovely marine blue squishy/jelly polish. This is shown with 3 coats, and no topcoat as its packed with shine. I'm in love with this color, coverage, opaqueness and love how squishy it is. Only issue I had with this particular one, was the formula was a tad grainy. Other than that, great polish and I'll still wear it regardless of its 1 minor flaw. If anyone is a Sally Hansen Pacific Blue lover, I feel this comes quite close!

All in all, I think these polishes are great and a great bang for your buck. Karen has been super kind when communicating via e-mails, and has fantastic customer service. Feel free to check out her Etsy shop, so you can see what else she has in store!

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Until next time, 
Polish on! 


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