Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bath time with Soak It products is always my favorite, as everything is handmade. I'll forever support small business, as these women create products with passion. Tara Winter is the owner at Soak It, and all products are hand made and dispatched out of Ajax, ON - Canada. I picked up a bunch of products from her at our recent local meet up, and you can CLICK HERE to reference my ginormous haul of goodies!

I wanted to enjoy a relaxing bath, and give myself a good soak. Her products are very moisturizing as everything is loaded with premium oils and butters!

Her full size CUPCAKE BATH BOMB is jam packed with all sorts of fun! The bath bomb has the most delightful birthday cake scent and is topped with butter cream scented bubble bath "icing"! YUMMY RIGHT? It's topped off with a miniature rubber ducky, and it squeaks! I'll always be a child at heart, because I love bath toys. Is it sad that I own bath crayons? .. OK MOVING ON NOW! These cupcakes are so much fun, and you'll be wishing you could bite into one!

I usually only do one bath bomb per bath, but with Tara's products I get over excited. If it was up to me, I would dump 10 in at once and enjoy a good ol fizzy time! I popped in a ITTY BITTY BATH BOMB in the scent oatmeal milk and honey, because why not? The scent is divine, and I couldn't help myself! The scent is described as: a smooth, creamy and inviting blend of vanilla, milk and honey aromas, sprinkled with oatmeal notes. It's so delightful, that now I must own all things with this scent!

I wanted to give myself a good scrub using her ORGANIC SUGAR SCRUB. I asked her to custom make me a grape scent, and she made me the happiest girl ever! GRAPE ALL THE THINGS! Once a month I like to give my skin a good exfoliation, and this whipped sugar scrub was perfection. The formula is so light/creamy, and it even suds up a little. Not a lot, just a little. Kind of a nice added touch to a sugar scrub you don't see every day. This will leave your skin feeling soft, and smelling delicious! I really appreciate the sense of hygiene that comes with this, as everything is shrink wrapped with is a bonus!


I have been a supporter of Tara's company from the beginning, as she always delivers quality vegan products. I've had the pleasure of meeting hew a couple of times, at our locally held meet ups. She's a sweetheart, and has become a good friend of mine. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my posts!

Toodles <3


  1. I just tried her scrub the other day & it's awesome! I love her cuticle oil as well <3

    1. I love hearing positive things about Soak It, because her products deliver high quality and are amazing! Her scrub is awesome, as I've never seen a scrub in that type of consistency! I religiously use her oil, and over time have seen many positive improvements to my nails!


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