Saturday, February 06, 2016

Winter is a bitter sweet season, as I appreciate the beauty of snow but dislike the dryness it causes my cuticles. This includes dryness on my face and body, but for now I'll be sharing how I battle my dry cuticles. I'll forever be a huge supporter of the Indie community, as I feel they create some of the best quality products available. I've been around the block testing different cuticle oils (mainstream/drugstore/indie), and always revert back to my beloved indie brands. Indie brands give me peace of mind, as they don't add a crap ton of ingredients you can't pronounce. Indie brands use only a handful of simple ingredients, and are of premium quality. You get the best of the best, and not the crappy fillers that go into drugstore products. Once you try indie, you'll never want to go back to drug store products. From nail polish to skin care, my trust lays in indie creators. All the makers I purchase from, I've built friendships with them and it's such a warming thing. Plus, I enjoy supporting local brands and being able to support someone's dream.


After trying several cuticle rejuvenating products, I have narrowed it down with my two favorites. Up top we have grape scented cuticle oil from Soak it, and secondly kiwi kiss scented cuticle balm called "It's Da Balm!' from Mrs P's Potions. 


Soak It (shop link HERE)
Tara is the creator behind this cruelty free indie line, and products are hand made in Ajax, ON - Canada. She's super sweet, as I've had the pleasure of meeting her twice at our locally organized nail meet ups. She carries a variety of products including; cuticle oil, manicure bombs, bath bombs, glitter bombs, bubble bars, whipped body butter, whipped sugar scrubs and clay masks. Some of her newer items include; lip balms and shaving cream! It's easy to please everyone's scent preference, as she has quite the selection of scents.This grape scented cuticle oil is god sent I swear! It reminds me of grape Mr.Freezee .. mmmm! I seriously love this scent so much, that I use it as a perfume. Since it comes in a handy roller ball, I just apply to my pulse points and dab. I've gotten so many compliments on this particular scent, and I keep bugging her hoping one day she'll make body sprays lol! This oil is amazing, and does what its supposed to do. This is a medium-thick oil, and absorbs easily into the skin to leave cuticles soft and hydrated. It's recommended to apply cuticle oil twice daily, but I apply any chance I get ..  because GRAPE that's why! I do have a bunch of other wonderful scents from her in oils, but this is hands down my favorite! I remember the first day she opened shop, and I've always been such a believer/supporter in her products ever since! 


Mrs P's Potions (shop link HERE)

Bree is the creator behind this indie cruelty free line, and products are handmade in Edmonton, AB - Canada. She's such a joy, and if all the stars align one day we can have the pleasure of meeting. She carries a variety of handmade products including; 5 free nail polish, sugar scrubs, cuticle oil, cuticle balm and mani/pedi fizzies. I must say, she makes an incredible holographic topcoat called WTF. Fitting name, because when you look at the finished result that's what comes to mind .. in a good way! Some of her polish's have scent options available, and I personally enjoy her scented polishes. I've always knew of her line, but after meeting a friend through the nail community she ranted and raved about her cuticle balm. Her balm is made with nothing other than premium and beneficial natural ingredients. As far as consistency, try and picture chap stick. Come's in a twist up chap stick applicator, which is handy for on the go use. I love using this in combination with my cuticle oil, as for me it's like deep conditioning my cuticles. It's thicker than cuticle oil, and I appreciate that as it targets my super dry cuticles. This doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy by any means, as it's just magic in a tube! This one shown is in the scent kiwi kiss, but I do have quite the variety of other scents. Her products are wonderful, and she delivers quality!


Using these products religiously together, has my cuticles in tip top shape. I use these products all year round, as they help keep my cuticles maintain a very presentable look. I highly recommend both of these indie brands, as they deliver high quality premium products.
Which hand care products do you love? Which are your favorites? Have you tried these brands before? I would love to hear all thoughts, and opinions in the comments down below :)



  1. I am such a big fan of creulty free and vegan products this company looks so promising i really wish i could try out their stuff but im not in canada anymore ...:( well im glad it worked for you .

    1. Recently I've been leaning towards cruelty free brands, as it breaks my heart to know what innocent animals have to endure for peoples vanity. These two indie makers create such amazing quality products, and gives me a peace of mind knowing its cruelty free! Thanks hun :)


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