Thursday, February 11, 2016

I've been doing a lot of pink themed Valentine's manicures, but I'm getting so tired of sight of pink. Who say's Valentine's nails have to be pink? That's the beauty of nail art, as you can be as creative as you wish. I was digging through my nail vinyl stash, and forgot I even had these. You wouldn't believe how much stuff I have stashed away, and forget that I own. That's the typical life of a polish addict, and having "I forgot I had those!" moments lol. Using nail vinyls is another way to achieve fun nail art, without being an artist! Let these guides, guide the way and enjoy your professional looking nail art. People will be complimenting left right and center thinking you're the Picasso of nail art lol

I began by painting my nails 2 thin coats of GOSH polish in 631 million stars, and topped off with a quick dry topcoat. To move on to the next step, its crucial your nails are completely dry or you'll ruin the base polish. Peel nail vinyl off the sheet, align with the nail and push down to ensure no areas of vinyl is lifted. Lifted area's of vinyl can result in the polish bleeding into lines, which leaves you with messy lines. With desired polish of choice, begin applying a coat over the vinyl. I prefer choosing more opaque polishes, as it's necessary to work semi quick. Once polish has been applied, peel off vinyl immediately as this will provide the cleanest lines. Waiting too long, can result in uneven lines which isn't a cute look. Finish off by applying a quick dry topcoat, and you're done! 

The multi heart stencils can be found HERE, and feel free to browse for other designs of your liking!

Pictures down below

Swatch of GOSH - 631 million stars



Did you find this post helpful? Do you prefer traditional red/pink Valentine's manicures, or are you a think outside of the box kinda person? As usual thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing you in the next post :)



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