Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Water marble manicures are frikkn gorgeous, but it requires what seems to be super ninja secretive skills. I can't seem to get it right for the most part, so I found a way to cheat! I've successfully mastered the original technique a couple of times, vs a greater number of fails. Something is so fascinating about seeing a perfect bulls eye of polish rings in a cup of water, but the nightmare is dipping the nail in. Nail art stamping is such an easy way to achieve professional looking nails, and takes almost no skill. I kind of lied, as it takes some practice and experimenting to get a comfortable hang of it. I swear it's not as hard as I'm making it seem lol! For this faux water marble I used the nail stamping technique, which took all the hard work out. Valentines day is around the corner (omg what am I going to wear on my date???), and what better than pink with hearts!

I  begin by applying 2 thin coats of 'look at my bowl' by OPI from the recent Hello Kitty collection launch (which can be found HERE), and topped of with a quick dry topcoat. I proceed to apply 2 coats of my NailExperiments Easy Peel latex barrier (which can be found HERE), as I find 2 coats makes the peeling process easier. Using the clear jelly stamper (which can be found HERE) with hehe040 stamping plate (which can be found HERE), I begin to stamp all nails. I used black Konad stamping polish (which can be found HERE), and stopped off with a quick dry topcoat after peeling off Easy Peel.

See how easy it is to cheat super cool looking water marble nail art? Take a look down below at my most recent successful attempt at real water marbling, which was accomplished 4 weeks ago. These particular neon's glow under UV reactive black light (picture glow in the dark bowling), so I've included some glow shots. I also had to add some nail stamping, because apparently a crazy neon water marble wasn't enough for this polish addict. I still cant seem to master getting every nail to look identical, but I appreciate the uniqueness of each nail!

What's your favorite type of nail art? Do you like challenging yourself with new techniques? I would love to hear comments down below, and as always thanks for stopping by <3



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