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Thanks for stopping by again, and am frikkn excited to share my latest haul from 'A Very Canuck Swap' that I partook in. This is I believe our 3rd, or 4th one? I lost count! Since this is the 1st one since I've began blogging, I'll start it off as series 1. The Canuck swap is a swap group for fellow Canadian polish addicts and we welcome new members from around Canada! We have a great group of gals, and everything to date has been smooth sailing!

How does it work? Everyone who participates fills out of a survey, so the person shopping for you has an idea of things you like and dislike. You can chose to participate in 1 of 2 categories; $25 or $50 and partners are paired up secret Santa style. The person your shopping for doesn't know you have them, and vice versa. I've always enjoyed participating in the swaps, and always go for the $50 category. It's not mandatory to participate every round, so that's always a good thing if your strapped for cash! Whichever price category you chose, that's the minimum you need to spend on polish. Extra's aren't mandatory, but it's always fun to include a few extras. A lot of these girls put so much effort into making such beautiful parcels, and it's always so much fun getting a box! It always feels like Christmas every time swaps happen, which is every few months!

Are you Canadian, and interested in partaking in future swaps? Feel free to join the Facebook group, and patiently await admin approval as it's a closed group:

I received my parcel yesterday (Mon, Feb 29th), and was so excited to tear open a box of fun goodies! What I got, I wasn't expecting. Needless to say, I did get spoiled but what girl doesn't deserve to be sometimes right? My swap box came from Aleshia Loza, and she went above and beyond! Grab a snack and get comfy, because I'm going to flooding this post with some amazing goodies!

Well start off with the adorable handmade card Aleshia made! I didn't want to open it, as her note was personal and would prefer to keep that part to myself. However, she was super creative with the entire card, and can tell she put a lot of time and effort into this which left me speechless! She did print out, and glue to the card 2 awesome quotes which I will share:
"A girl without beautiful nails is like a night without stars." - Tammy Taylor
"Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word." - Tammy Taylor
I love handmade things, and will keep this very close to me! 

She was super generous with the amount of polishes she sent, and it blew my mind! I'm totally guilty of going over the spending limit myself, as it can happen so easily! Down below will be the polishes she sent, and to save the over bombarding picture feed .. feel free to check out my Instagram for swatches of these beauties

From Left to right: 
ILNP: Cherry Luxe, Closure, I See You and Paige

She sent me a gorgeous polish from FUN Lacquer which I was totally excited about, as I never tried this Indie brand before! This is in the shade: Frost (H) multi chrome from the 2015 Christmas collection

Another untried Indie brand being this beauty called 'Spangled Starlight' from Femme Fatale Cosmetics! 

She knows how obsessed I am with Hello Kitty, and she included 2 OPI Hello Kitty polishes! EEEEE! I was at Trade Secrets a few days before receiving my package from her, and I was literally about to purchase the shades she sent me. I ended up opting out for some Moyou London stamping polishes, and it's hilarious how she sent me ones I didn't own. I probably own I want to say 5 or 6 prior to the ones she sent me, so it was meant to be! 

From left to right: Super Cute In Pink, and My Friend Joey

On my survey I didn't really get into detail about things I want, as I wanted to make it fun for the person shopping for me. Making a huge wishlist can be a little daunting on the person shopping for you, and I always like to keep an open mind! The only thing that I did specify was a few China Glaze shades, which she nailed! I go through these like crazy in the summer! 

From left to right:
To Yacht To Handle, Highlight Of My Summer and Flip Flop Fantasy

Lastly she included a beeeeautiful teal polish from the brand Nickak NewYork, but sadly the name is unknown. I really enjoy the brand Nicole by OPI, and this shade 'Midnight Madness' is stunning! 

So we've covered all the polishes, which already was incredibly generous .. but yes, there is more! She included a bunch of epic extras! 

Adorable nail art stickers! 

Yummy Hello Kitty milk straws! FUN!

This awesome bracelet From Lokai, and it holds great meaning! I love this so much, and will always be a great reminder to lead a balanced life no matter what.
Description from the website states: "Each Lokai is infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth. The bracelet's white bead carries water from Mt. Everest, and it's black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea. These extreme elements are a reminder to the wearer to live a balanced life - staying humble during likes peaks and hopeful during it's lows."
Feel free to check out the website:

Fun glittery + adorable owl nail files, because a polish addict can never have enough! I love them!

Some yummy treats (which btw are completely devoured not even 24hrs later .. NOM NOM!)

This super fun DIY cellphone case maker! I'm so doing this, because I'm all about fun things like this!

She sent my FAV buble gum ever! When I realized Juicy Fruit actually came in bubble gum form, I lost all my marbles! SO YUM! + a delightfully scented hand cream from ORLY, which I'll keep in my purse for on the go! I used it a few times so far, and am enjoying it quite a lot! 

Here is where things get SUPER epic! I freaked out when I saw these 2, because holy fluf its amazing! 
A THERMAL UNICORN MUG! .. Are you freaking out? If thermal polish wasn't enough to blow my mind, here comes a long a thermal mug. What is life?? I had no idea such a thing existed, and to top it off it's unicorn themed? *insert a million heart eyed emoji's* In its normal state its black, and the magic happens when the hot water is added. I'll just show you the magical stage, because I'm sure we can all picture what an entire black mug looks like lol

Lastly, which this was like another WHAT THE FLUF moment! A unicorn farting rainbow mouse pad! YES! Now whats so special about this particular image, is that I had this as my Facebook cover photo for ages! She must have done some serious creeping because this thing is EPICLY AMAZING! Epicly isn't exactly a real word, but it's okay .. just roll with it lol

Aleshia you sweet sweet sweet generous woman! You spoiled me beyond anything I felt I expected, and just overwhelmed with such happiness with all these amazing goodies! I know I've thanked you like a million times, but words cannot express my level of gratitude. I wish I could jump on a plane, and come give you the biggest hug ever! Check her out on Instagram:

As always thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoyed my fun haul of goodies!
Until next time,

Toodles <3


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