Saturday, March 12, 2016

Toronto is a big diverse city with character, and has quite a lot to offer. As the weather warms up you'll find an assortment of events being held across the city outdoors/indoors, and there is always something available for all ages. Today in particular was a beautiful day to head downtown, and check out the Bellwoods Flea Market which was held at Studio Bar located at 824 Dundas St West. It's a local event where you'll find an array of vintage local hand made goods such as: art, fashion, jewelry, skin care, foods etc

I got an invite from Canvas Lacquer which was one of the vendors, and decided to go down and support the cause. I love supporting hand made goods, but most especially local hand made goods. I purchased some things, sampled some things, ate delicious food and met some amazing people along the way!


Lan & Alana the owners/masterminds behind Canvas Lacquer invited me to this event, and I happily went down to show them some support. I've had my eye on these polishes for quite some time, and I don't even know why I waited so long to purchase. We decided to trade 2 of the polishes for 2 of my Easy Peel's, and I ended up purchasing 6 other polishes! I'll be doing an entire post dedicated to swatches and a review of the polishes, but I thought I would share a few quick snaps. They were a pleasure to meet, and if you don't own of these polishes .. you really should!

I was bright and early, and ended up catching them setting up. That's Lan working away in the back getting everything together for the event!

Shop Canvas Lacquer: 

Such beautiful polishes, and I left with more than I had anticipated lol such as life being a polish addict!
Left row top to bottom: Family Heirloom, Kirk Steele, Less Dressed and Drunk In Love
Top right row top to bottom: Bling It On, Hand Of The King, She Shifty and Forget Me Not

Snap shot of the business card


Across from Canvas Lacquer was a very intriguing man selling sauces, and he sold me on things I would have never thought I'd be purchasing. I got to sample them, and ended up purchasing 3 of them being: That Mustard Sauce, Hot Soss and That BAR-B-Q Sauce .. all ridiculously delicious!
The entire line of products are 100% natural, soy free, sulfite free, gluten free, with no GMO's and vegan! 

Check them out on facebook:


As you walk in you catch the most delicious whiff of a food smell, and was immediately drawn to Steambox Dumplings! I've eaten dumplings before, but these take the cake! I went with pork/chicken, and of course they had nicer names but silly me forgot them! Anywho, they were delicious and I need to hunt them down again in the near future!

Check them out:

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