Sunday, March 06, 2016

What's bestie twin nails? When you and a partner find a manicure someone else did, and you both attempt at creating that exact same thing.

I paired up with Jessica from @nailswithtwo on Instagram, because we have the same obsession for Beyond the Nail polishes. I thought it would be awesome to come together, and create a manicure using all Beyond the Nail products! Me and her used the exact same polishes, so ours came out looking extremely identical .. which is the point! I had so much fun doing this with her! I usually do a lot of nail stamping, but I wanted to try and push myself to do some free hand work. The daisies shown on both our manicures free handed, and it's a great way to try new things/techniques! Our themed was spring/easter, and after seeing a bunch of images we finally agreed on the same one. I did a google search of Easter/spring mani's, and the one we chose was originally created by @melcisme on Instagram. 

Index nail: Applied 3 coats of Spring Yellow Creme, applied a quick dry topcoat and popped on a rhinestone while polish was still wet.
Middle nail: Applied 2 coats of Creme De Menthe and topped off with a quick dry topcoat. Using a thin bristled nail art brush, and white acrylic paint I hand painted on the daises. Using a dotting tool with Spring Yellow Creme I dotted in the middle of the daisies and topped with a quick dry topcoat.
Ring nail: Applied my very own Easy Peel Latex Barrier on the skin surrounding the cuticle, and sponged on Scattered Holo Micro Glitter. Peeled off the latex barrier, and topped it off with a quick dry topcoat.
Pinky nail: Applied 2 coats of Creme De Menthe, applied a quick dry topcoat and while polish was wet I popped on a rhinestone.

All polishes are from Beyond the Nail




Here is the original image from @melcisme on Instagram:

Here is my solo shot:

Jessica's solo shot:


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