Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I received my first ever VoxBox complimentary of the Influenster team! I was sent John Frieda products free of charge for testing purposes and am excited to share the results with you all. Included in the box was the Forever Smooth line which included: Frizz Immunity shampoo, matching conditioner and the anti-frizz primer. All 3 products are from the Forever Smooth Frizz Ease line and came in full size. I've been able to test these products out over the duration of just over a week now, and have used all products 3 times thus far. Keep in my mind with my reviews down below that I have naturally wavy/curly hair that is frizzy and gets easily tangled. 

(directly from the tube)

What it does: Designed to help combat the porosity problem of frizzy hair, the power of Frizz Immunity Complex works with each use, allowing the formula to build immunity against frizz. This Shampoo penetrates the hair, building up a powerful defense against frizz while it gently cleanses. 

How to use it: Apply shampoo to wet hair, lather, and rinse well. Follow with Forever Smooth Conditioner. 

Did I experience any of these claims? Prior to shampooing my boyfriend had freshly colored my hair at home, and for some reason my hair was in a bit of a frenzy with a few knots after he emulsified the color. For me it's hit or miss with drug store brand shampoo's as they either really makes the hair surprisingly soft and manageable, or they just leave the hair feeling really rough. When I went to shower I grabbed for this shampoo and was very quickly surprised at how easily it untangled my hair. My hair is a tad stubborn so it's not all the time I come across a shampoo that is capable of that. I was really appreciative at how soft my hair was at this point, considering I haven't even applied the matching conditioner. I also shampoo'd twice and that's my protocol for when rinsing color out. I'm always afraid to do this when trying new products, because shampooing twice can be very drying to the hair. Just like the first wash my hair took it well and was left very smooth and manageable. Also I detected a non over whelming scent of green apple which is very fresh and pleasant!  

(directly from the tube)

What it does: Designed to help combat the porosity problem of frizzy hair, the power of Frizz Immunity Complex works with each use, allowing the formula to build immunity against frizz. This conditioner goes beyond smoothing strands to nourish from within.
How to use it: Smooth conditioner through wet hair, rinse well. For best results, follow with Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz primer. 

Did I experience any of these claims? With any conditioner, this one being no different I always leave it to sit for a few minutes than rise. Do you ever rinse a conditioner and just by feeling you can tell that your hair took well to the product? While rinsing I experienced nothing but ease and my hair felt angelically soft. I know it's going to be a bad hair day when I'm rinsing and I feel this almost 'draggy' feeling if that makes any sense? The conditioner holds a great consistency and just made my hair over all happily smooth and manageable. 

(from the packaging)

What it does: This frizz-fighting sets the foundation for long lasting, smooth, uniform style. The end result is immediate frizz elimination and smoother hair with every use.

How it does it: Inspired by the molecular make-up of pure coconut oil, the frizz immunity complex is infused within the Forever Smooth line. The formulas easily penetrate, and eliminate frizz at the source to provide an immunity against frizz.

How to use it: Apply to wet hair. Dispense 1 pump into the palm. Distribute evenly through ought the hair from mid-shaft to tips. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. No not rinse out. Style as desired.  

Did I experience any of these claims? After getting out of the shower, I went ahead and applied the anti-frizz primer. I allowed my hair to air dry for a bit and followed with a final blow dry and straighten my hair as usual. I'm not entirely a fan of using creme's in my hair, as I've always prefer serums. The creme formula isn't thick/heavy and didn't give my hair a weird texture feeling upon being dried which is usually my problem with leave in creme products. It definitely played a huge role in helping to smooth out my hair, and allow ease when straightening my hair. My hair is length is a little past my shoulders and have medium thickness. With that being said, I found 2 pumps of the product was perfect for me. I feel if one over does it with the amount, the hair will be left heavy perhaps. I haven't had that issue thus far, as I always work one pump at a time.


I was really taken back by how amazing these products work and they really do what they claim to do. Which is always great because I'm sure a lot of you have wasted hard earned money on products that don't deliver its claims. I know I have and it's been frustrating feeling I've wasted money on something that felt like a lie. Prior to this I was using industry professional products that aren't available in drug stores and I feel crazy to say this .. but .. I prefer these 3 products over my high end hair care products. My above review was my experience with the first use but as mentioned in the beginning of this post, I have used these products 3 times thus far. Each time has been the same wonderful experience and am really happy to have these products in my collection. I will most definitely repurchase these when I run out and makes me feel good I don't have to spend big bucks to to get amazing results. The only thing that could be problematic depending on hair color is the shampoo contains sulfate which can strip hair color quicker over time. That would only be problematic for people who get their hair colored, but so far my color still is vibrant and fresh looking. My boyfriend who is a hair dresser was even surprised at the end results, as hes a firm believer in anything non-salon quality isn't good for the hair. 

Big thank you too the team over at Influenster for choosing me to review these products, and look forward to hopefully being apart of other VoxBox opportunities in the future! The influenster community is great, and its my favorite place where I can count on genuine/honest reviews for a variety of different products.

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As always thanks for stopping by! What did you think of these products? Have you tried any of these products yet? Do you think this would be something you would want to purchase and try? Let's chat and let me know down below your thoughts :)

 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."


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