#31DC2016 MANI ROUND UP (3/3)

Thursday, October 06, 2016

31DC2016 MANI ROUND UP (3/3)

Welcome to the final instalment of my 31DC2016 post, I know its late but hey .. better late than never. Life has been pretty intense lately, things have finally simmered down and can devote a lot more time into blogging, wahoooo! 31 days of different themed nail art? I'm crazy, I know. This was my first year partaking in this challenge, and it is exactly that, a *crazy* challenge!. The organizer Sarah from Chalkboardnails started this challenge back in September 2011. Since than she has kept it the same every year, but states to not feel held down by only doing this challenge during September. Feel free to use this prompt guide all through the year. Also, the sense of accomplishent at the end is like nothing else! There were times I almost gave up, but I pulled through and made sure I got all these completed. Feel free to play along using any social media, and use the hashtag #31DC2016 *swap for whatever year it currently is*. I love partaking in challenges as it gives me a much needed creative push and forces me to produce something unique each time. I never posted my manicures daily on the blog, and figured I would just one huge round up post. In turn, that wasn't the greatest idea because that would have been a crap ton of photos. Who has time for that? lol 31 photos x 3 photos per day = 93 whopping photos .. too long right? Exactly. Since the challenge is divided into 3 main categories, I figured it'd be easier to go that route and divide my posts up into 3. This final post will be all the mani's from 'the 'inspired by' category'. - ENJOY!

*all products listed will be clickable to purchase links*



I was inspired by fall starting
I was inspired from the King of Pop himself, MICHAEL JACKSON BABY!
  1. Bio Seaweed Gel - White gel
  2. Various stamping plates: XJ5, QGIRL 03 AND CB CH51 (sorry, I can't find links for these)
  3. Born Pretty Store - Clear jelly stamper
  4. Konad - Black stamping polish
  5. Glisten and Glow - HK girl fast drying topcoat


I was inspired from Disney's classic movie, The Little Mermaid
  1. Bio Seaweed Gel - Hydrangea
  2. Models Own - Indian ocean
  3. Beyond the Nail - Mermaid Dust
  4. Konad - White stamping polish
  5. Shop Keeki - Little Mermaid water decal
  6. Bundle Monster - @GotNail blogger collab plate BM-XL212
  7. Glisten and Glow - HK girl fast drying topcoat 


I'll be honest here .. I kinda didn't have a book inspiration with this and kinda winged it hoping there were unicorn books. Behold they do exist and my nails can be used for this prompt LOL


I was inspired by a popular fall fashion print, Houndstooth! 
I was inspired as my background is Italian, so duh, I had to go with an Italian inspired mani hehe
P.S - La Dolce Vita means The Sweet Life 
  1. Bio Seaweed Gel - Sweetie
  2. Konad - Black stamping polish
  3. Moyou London - Lingo collection 06
  4. Cheeky Beauty - Jumbo plate 3 European romance
  5. Uber Chic Beauty - UC 1-02
  6. Born Pretty Store - Clear jelly stamper
  7. Glisten and Glow - HK girl fast drying topcoat


Who says ghosts have to be scary? These are far from scary but still fit in with the super natural
I was inspired from a video tutorial I seen of @nailstorming on Instagram 
  1. Essence - Be awesome tonight
  2. OPI - I drive a supernova
  3. Orly - Mirror Ball
  4. Unnamed chevron vinyl guides
  5. Glisten and Glow - HK girl fast drying topcoat 


I was inspired from Amanda over at @ladymailnails on Instagram as she's an exceptionally talented artist and good friend! Her original design had the same gradient base, but a different chevron image. I was inspired from the base and chevrons, so went with a different chevron image from the same stamping plate. I decided to go with a double stamped look, as it popped vs the magenta I originally had.


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