Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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Hello hello my little canvases! Today I present to you *drum roll* the limited edition highly coveted Pokemon collection from My Indie Polish! Pokemon has been around since 1996 and it was definitely a favourite show of mine growing up. It has expanded into more than just a tv show; video games, trading card games, movies, comic books, toys and of course the recent Pokemon Go app! Growing up I was an avid collector of the cards and somehow during a moving trip, they got lost and will forever be missed. This collection contains 7 limited edition polishes all inspired by perhaps some of your favourite Pokemon characters!




Described as a neat iridescent topper with multi chrome glitter in a clear base, shown in 2 coats over a black base + topcoat. Down below you'll see the variations between shiny and a matte topcoat. I appreciate the look of both and love how the glitters glisten with hand movements! This type of glitter kind of reminds me of a super cool bokeh photo effect! 


Described as a white crelly with pink shimmer and an abundance of various glitters. This is shown in 3 coats + topcoat. No matter what team you've chosen to be apart of in PokemonGo, this polish is a winner! I love the variety of glitters, plus the stars are adorable. The pink shimmer was hard for me to capture in a photo, but with various hand movements its sure to catch your eye under certain lights! This is a favourite of mine and something about this makes me extra girly and adds a pep to my step! With 3 coats it did build depth, but there still a very minimal tip line peeking through which I don't mind. All the layers of glitter sandwiched nicely together and theres something so fun about this particular one and love it!


Described as a bright yellow crelly with a mix of red, white and black glitters in various shapes. This is shown in 3 coats + topcoat. I was having a blast applying this one because who doesn't love the electric Pikachu?? If you play with the glitters, you can actually mimic Pikachu's face. I kid you not, I kind of did it by fluke and was freaking out in awesome of a fluke that was. Once you see the face on my middle finger (macro shot), it cannot be unseen! I love this polish so much! <3


Described as a sheer but full coverage purple glitter jelly, shown in 3 coats + topcoat. Haunter is a ghost/poisonous Pokemon but this polish is far from poisonous! This gorgeous purple squishy jelly built up nicely and love the glitter combo in this one!


Described as a sheer but full coverage red glitter jelly, shown in 3 coats + topcoat. This fiery red is a true representation of Magmar's fiery ways and it's sure to have people in awe over your nails. This build up really nicely in the 3 coats and probably my favourite polish from this collection! 
Nail art: Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L012 + clear jelly stamper, Konad black stamping polish and topcoat.


Described as a red based brown with gold shimmer paired with bronze/gold pigment glitters and is shown in 2 coats + topcoat. This polish is jam packed with so much pigment that it was satisfyingly opaque in 1 coat, but applied 2 for good measure. The added glitters paired really nicely with this brown and also makes a great shade for the current fall season! Eevee is far from a worry as she'll most likely run away and doesn't enjoy fighting .. sounds kinda like me LOL! 


Described as a light to dark blue thermal with neon orange dots, shown in 3 coats + topcoat. This colour scheme pairs nicely for this mudfish water character. The thermal in this is subtle and appreciate it being within the same colour family. Down below you'll see the variations between warm, transition and cold states.


This collection is set to release November 1st at noon and as mentioned earlier, this is a limited edition so once its gone .. its gone! It'll be available to purchase in singles, mini/large sets or the deluxe bonus set. 7.5ml mini will be $8 and 15ml large will be $13. The mini set will be $55 with free shipping and the large set will be $90 which includes free shipping. The deluxe set is more for the true Pokemon lovers who enjoy collection stuff which will include: all 7 polishes in 15ml, vegan leather Pokemon makeup bag filled with Pokemon items and rare hard to find collector cards from Tanya's personal stash! Price for the deluxe set is $105 which includes free shipping! Every year Tanya comes up with a new Pokemon line, so look forward to another set next year with different characters. Do you have any of her previous sets? 
Hope you enjoyed this post and have fun catching em all while you can! 




  1. GAH!!! Matting Max Potion is a fantastic idea!

  2. I used Max Potion over a white. Completely changes the look! Gorgeous swatches!

    1. I seen and LOVE how it looked over white! Thanks Melissa <3

  3. Those flames though!!! I love your swatches.

  4. This is such a fun collection!! Your swatches of these are beautiful too!

  5. Such gorgeous swatches! I can't wait to get my pokemon collection in the mail!!!

    1. It's a fun collection and so glad you ended up snagging a set!


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