Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hello everyone, happy hump day!

If you're reading this, you may have have already noticed some changes to my blog. Biggest one being the name change from Manicured Canvas to the now Nail Experiments. Originally when I began blogging around a year ago, my blog name was Nail Experiments and further down the road changed it to Manicured Canvas. I decided to make the change back to Nail Experiments for various reasons which I'll get into next.

I will start off by saying this will be quite the lengthy post, but want to be transparent in explaining the changes that will be coming. These changes are in regards to over all huge social media changes and my small business (NailExperiments - Easy Peel)

Back in the day I joined Instagram, chose the screen name NailExperiments and never looked back. I feel most people know me as that name and never plan on changing it. The nail industry has always been a huge passion for me and told myself one day I would become a certified nail technician. As of earlier this year, I can finally say I'm proud to be certified woohoo! I had that account as a place to share my nail art.

Sometime down the line I decided to launch my product Easy Peel and decided for my brand name to be NailExperiments. My Instagram page quickly became a place that wasn't a distinct look as I was posting my nail art, along with brand posts and reposts from customers. It was basically a jumbled mess and really wanted to separate the two. I decided to make a separate account on Instagram being Easy_Peel, which at the time I figured was a good idea .. in turn it wasn't. I after realized it was odd for me to have a brand page named after my product and not my actual brand name, which again was NailExperiments. People were getting confused on where to tag me, which is 100% my own fault as I made it quite confusing for myself along with everyone else more importantly. 

Going more down the line I decided to get into blogging and originally chose my name to be NailExperiments lol again, just another confusing thing to add to the jumble of mess. At this point we have whats supposed to be my brand page being my posting my nail art, people being confused on where to tag me when using Easy Peel and to top it off a blog??

Despite all this mess, I'm a very organized person and like having things in order. This mess was causing me all sorts of stress because I knew something had to get done, just didn't know what to do at the time. I wasn't ready to give up posting nail art to my NailExperiments page and have it just be my brand page. 

Another thing, I also have a Facebook page called NailExperiments which is my brand and product page. Whenever brands on Facebook tag me in my swatch photo's, they tag my business page. Which to their defence, I don't blame them because all my nail art is water marked with NailExperiments .. so duh, one would think that might be my Facebook nail page or something. 

As I mentioned above, my original blog name was NailExperiments and later down the road changed it to Manicured Canvas, which is what it currently is. I did that in hopes of another attempt in separating my nail art kinda stuff from my brand. I was kinda going through a tough time of being torn between 'elena just keep NailExperiments as your brand and start over on a new page for your nail art' too 'I can't let NailExperiments go because I first started that page for my nail art'. 

In conclusion what I've decided to do is to have a huge re-vamp the change will be kinda awkward but it'll be best for the best. I'm going to be closing down my small business until I completely re-brand; new name, new look and same product, but with a fresh start! I plan on closing down shop by December 31st and plan on re-opening at some point next year. I want to delete the Instagram accounts ManicuredCanvas and Easy_Peel. I want my nail art/blog domain to be known as NailExperiments. My blog name will switch back to NailExperiments as it originally was from the now Manicured Canvas. My Facebook page NailExperiments will be removed of all brand stuff and be utilized as an extension of posting swatches and blog posts. 

Transitioning isn't easy, especially getting people used to a transition but I'm hopeful it'll work out for the best. I've been doing a lot of thinking and truly happy for the new changes. I'm like cringing inside at how much all his mess bugs me and can't wait to change everything. It'll be the hugest weight lifted off my shoulders and can't wait to come back and start fresh with my brand! 

As mentioned in the start of the post, it was lengthly but I felt everyone deserved to understand my logic and reasoning behind all this. I'm sure I'll be getting questions and figured it'd be best to address it before I'm racking my brand trying to explain to everyone individually. A huge thank you to the people who have been a listening ear and helped me feel my decisions in changing will be for the better. 

I'd love to hear some feedback and appreciate all you lovely souls who stuck through this entire post.


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