Wednesday, February 22, 2017


$100 nail polish giveaway

Hello and welcome back!

I'm super excited to announce a a giveaway I'm holding on my Youtube channel,  where I'm giving away a $100 Bio Seaweed Gel gift card! The lovely people over at Bio Seaweed Gel were kind enough to sponsor this giveaway for all my awesome subscribers. I've been working quite closely with the company for some time now, and truly enjoy using Bio Seaweed Gel products. Being a certified nail technician, I am very familiar in using these products within the industry and really feel they deliver quality products. Great news is, you don't need to be a certified nail technician to gain access to these products! Mid last year, they launched a line called Beyond Nail Lacquer, which is their 5 free nail polish line. I want to say I own about 80 of them because they work so gosh darn well! Some people may become confused looking at the website, you'll see Beyond Nail Lacquer as well as BeBio. Both are literally the same product just named differently as Beyond Nail Lacquer is the Canadian name and BeBio is the U.S name. Bio Seaweed Gel was originally known for their gel polishes, builders gels and am incredibly happy they've expanded with a regular polish line. Once you visit Bio Seaweed Gel's website,  select your country on the top right hand corner for proper navigation. 

Press play down below for product showcase + entry details:

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