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Hi everyone! 

Joy Lacquer has teamed up with Crystal's Charity Lacquer's in creating a charity polish for the Hawaiian Humane Society. Crystal herself will be flying out to Hawaii to give the donation check in person, so this will quite the special experience for her! If you are interested in Crystals backstory on this cause, that will be included near the end of the post. Also, at the end of the post will be a link to her Facebook group, Instagram and links to purchase this polish.

This polish will available for $12 per bottle, with a portion of every sale being donated to the charity. This sale will run from Friday, March 17th through Friday, March 31st and she'll be donating to the Hawaiian Humane Society in person around April 7th.  



Described as as a bright pink with orange "chrome" shift. It's very shifty, almost a metallic orange, but in a good way! I had troubles capturing the orange but it's seriously STUNNING!!! This is shown in 2 easy coats and sealed with a glossy quick dry topcoat. Such an incredible formula, but seriously, that's always a staple with Joy Lacquer in my humble opinion <3


I'm incredibly blown away at the amazing work Crystal puts in and and humbled to know how kind of a heart she has. Joy Lacquer and Tonic polish are both partaking in this cause but only have Joy Lacquer to share as far as swatches. I highly suggest taking a few minutes in reading her back story down below, it's truly heart warming and made me shed tears. Animals are incredibly dear to my heart, as once upon a time I wanted to become a vet assistant and ended up becoming a nail tech .. go figure that one out. This polish is stunning and Joy nails it on the head every time with gorgeous polishes! 

Pre-order for this beauty March 17th-31st :

Connect with Crystal Charity Lacquer's:

Connect with Joy Lacquer:


Backstory on Crystal's Charity Lacquer's quotes from Crystal herself:

"I've been involved in fundraising for a number of years now, and always struggled to raise funds. In April 2015, I decided to take a new approach and started asking some of my favourite brands if they would be willing to create custom polishes for me to give away in a raffle style draw. After getting a number of brands on board, we launched our first campaign, a double giveaway benefiting the SPCA and the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. That first campaign was more successful that I ever could have dreamed and in order to keep momentum going between giveaways, we introduced our limited edition collaboration sales. That first sale was for the Hawaiian Humane Society and Joy was our first sale partner! When I decided to do another campaign for the Hawaiian Humane Society, I knew I wanted to have Joy on board again. In so many ways, this sale has come full circle"

"The Hawaiian Humane Society is a cause very close to my heart. I am a huge animal lover, so helping animals is something I always strive to do. During a trip to Oahu in March 2015, the search for a larger sized geocache brought me to the Hawaiian Humane Society grounds. (If you're unfamiliar with geocaching, its a modern day treasure hunt using GPS. It's a lot of fun!) The geocache owner had received permission to hide the geocache in the middle of the shelter grounds, and upon first arrival, I was stunned by the well thought out shelter and their beautiful grounds. We found the cache and then I couldn't resist saying hello to the animals. The shelter workers were friendly and offered us treats to give to the animals and told us that we could sign a dog out to walk around or play in one of the play areas. This was like no shelter I'd been to before. It wasn't you usual cold and dark shelter. It was warm and inviting. You could feel the love and see how the shelter was built with the animals happiness in mind. We signed out a sweet pup named Spot and took him for a run in the play area. Once he was tired, we snuggled on a bench and fed him some treats. And then there was Lily. This girl stole my heart and cemented my love for this shelter. Lily was an amazing dog who came in as a stray. She had endless energy and even knew some tricks. When you offered her a treat, she would sit up on her hind legs and put her her front paws together like she was praying.
She was amazing! But she was a special girl, who needed a special human to give her the forever home she needed. She had been adopted and returned to the shelter already. As a Canadian, we often hear of the horror stories of American Kill shelters. After spending time with Lily, I nervously, and with tears in my eyes, approached one of the shelter staff and asked them about their policies. I was relieved to hear that the Hawaiian Humane Society does not put limits on the animals to find their forever homes. This is something that is extremely important to me. I eventually pulled myself away from the animals and we left, but I've never forgotten Lily. It took a year and two failed adoptions before this beautiful, silly girl finally found her forever home and I am so grateful to the Hawaiian Humane Society for not giving up on her. Since that trip, I have supported the Hawaiian Humane Society through donations and gifts. We returned to the island in January 2016 and visited once again with a larger donation of food, toys and other supplies needed by the shelter. They were mid renovation during that visit and have recently completed a complete overhaul of the facilities. We have another trip booked for April, and I am excited to make the donation from our Crystal's Charity Lacquers March 2017 sale featuring Joy Lacquer and Tonic Polish in person! The Hawaiian Humane Society is also Oahu's only open admissions shelter. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for people to surrender their animals. They believe there must be a place where all animals are welcome. This means that they will also accept illegal animals with no questions asked and work to save them through relocation to the mainland. The shelter also offers fantastic, affordable programs to help curb the feral cat population through spaying and neutering. I could go on and on about the wonderful programs through the Hawaiian Humane Society as this has barely scratched the surface of all they do."


Thank you for taking the time in reading this post, and hopefully you can help support this wonderful cause of the Hawaiian Humane Society <3


  1. Absolutely stunning swatches! Thank you so much for taking the time to swatch and review Mau Loa Ohana. I really appreciate it!


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