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Hello everyone, welcome back!

This passed weekend at Indie Expo Canada was pure bliss and had such an amazing time! I had the grand opportunity of meeting so many wonderful friends that I've spoken to online for the longest time. It's really amazing being able to pair a real face/person behind the screen ya know? This event really made me feel at home and everyone was just incredibly warm and welcoming. Sometimes when I meet new people, I tend to be shy but my shyness went right out the window! Talking to people I've never met before was as comfortable as if I was just hanging with a bestie that I've known since childhood - so amazing! 

Shopping .. well yes, I did quite a bit of it lol! I did go in with a budget and came home with $30, that's pretty good right? When it comes to buying polish, I'm not as impulsive as I once was when I first got into the indie polish world. At this point you could imagine I have the entire rainbow covered in every finish lol! I try and make sure I buy things that are unique and unlike what I already own - smart? Yes, for my wallet but I still always want all the things lol! It amazes me how creative polish makers can be and blows my mind when I feel I own all finishes/colour combos and in the end, I don't. Tonic was one of those brands that blew it out of the park for me .. her creations are unreal, my eyes can't seem to understand the beauty as it's noting like I've ever seen or own. First I'll share the goodies I purchased, specify what were press samples, extras and what items were apart of the VIP bag!

I also have the full coverage post on Indie Expo Canada 2017: If you'd like to see that post, click here

Let's get onto the haul!

P.S - You can be directed to the brands website by clicking the header titles

P.S.S - Feel free to check out the other ladies Indie Expo Canada posts linked at down at the end!


First up, the goodies I bought.

Lara's booth was incredible and had SO much to choose from! I've been a swatcher of hers for quite some time, so as far as polishes I'm pretty much covered up to date. However, I did have to purchase the full size of Unicorn (white crelly with rainbow glitters) from her most recent collection, Cabin Fever. She was also selling these beautiful prints and obviously had to pick up the unicorn, because I'm obsessed with anything unicorn related! It'll make for a great decor addition in my polish area - I love it so much!

If you'd like to see swatches from the Cabin Fever collection, click here

As soon as the VIP doors opened, everyone swarmed to Tonic's booth - it was crazy! Such a treat to have Tonic in Canada (U.S brand) and be able to purchase some of their goodies! By the time I got around to the booth, it was slim pickings but I'm still swooning over what I did get. Both Tonic and Ever After polish have a collaboration duo, and both brands had it available. When I got to Tonic's booth, she said it was sold out and I kindly asked if I could purchase the displays (thats how much I needed them in my life!) - She said yes! She was kind enough to sell the duo for half off as they were displays and attendees were swatching them on wheels earlier on. 

The Tonic half of the duo is the polish pictured to the left called, One Million Flowers (scroll down below to see the perfectly paired Ever After half of the duo). The polish to the right is called Come Wander. Aren't both of these stunning???? These are my first ever Tonic polishes and now understand the huge positive hype behind this brand! 

I did have time to swatch One Million Flowers and my eyes can't even comprehend the complexity of this beauty!

tonic polish swatch of one million flowers

tonic polish swatch of one million flowers

tonic polish swatch of one million flowers

Ever After is another brand I hadn't the opportunity to try until Indie Expo Canada and was great to try a few goodies! This polish is called, Minty Me and is the other half of the Tonic Polish collaboration duo. I did however purchase this from the Tonic Booth but it still deserves its own blurb. This duo is seriously a match made in nail polish heaven, as they compliment each other perfectly! I also have swatches of this beauty to include down below =)

ever after swatch of minty me

ever after swatch of minty me

ever after swatch of minty me

ever after swatch of minty me

I had Seaside (on the right) on my wish list prior to the event and am so happy to own it! Upon purchasing this, Wingardium Leviosa (on the left) caught me eye for good reasons - look at it! These are my first purchases from this brand and will definitely be getting more in the future! Down below I have a swatch of Seaside, it's so beautiful!


pahlish swatch of seaside

pahlish swatch of seaside

pahlish swatch of seaside

I've been quite the fan of CBL polishes for a long time and purchased these 2 beauties! I wanted to purchase more, but I had a budget to stick with lol. On the left is, Black Gold Texas Tea and on the right is, Can We Have a Trudeau? (Indie Expo Canada limited edition)

colours by llarowe

Moo Moo Signatures has THE cutest labels and packaging ever! I already own a few of her other polishes and ended up coming home with the Indie Expo Canada exclusive polish called, Mission Impossible in Toronto - such a beauty! Down below I have swatches of this to share =) 

moo moo signatures indie expo panda 2017 exclusive polish Mission Impossible in Toronto

moo moo signatures indie expo panda 2017 exclusive polish Mission Impossible in Toronto

moo moo signatures indie expo panda 2017 exclusive polish Mission Impossible in Toronto

moo moo signatures indie expo panda 2017 exclusive polish Mission Impossible in Toronto

This is my first ever purchase from Native War Paints and had to have this beauty when I seen Melissa's (honeybee_nails on Instagram) swatch of this! This beauty is called, Meet Me at Union Station and is an Indie Expo Canada 2017 limited edition. 

I recently tried the Girly Bits 'Omg Becky, look at her acetone!', which is an acetone additive. We all know how drying acetone on it's own can be, so this is the perfect product to combat the dryness. Made with the simplest of ingredients: purified water, glycerin, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and fragrance. The one I tried before these 2 purchases was in the scent grape crush and seriously, best scent ever! By the time I got to her booth the grape crush was sold out and got blueberry lemon sugar and lavender patchouli - still 2 very lovely scents!

girly bits acetone additive

I've been a fan of Cuter Cuticles products for a long time, especially the infamous barrier butter - so good and a must have! I picked up a grape (my favourite scent in anything I can get my hands on) cuticle oil and 2 sqattermelon mani bombs. Cute play on the name: watermelon scented square mani bombs, thus the name squattermelon! Not photographed are 2 unscented barrier butters that I purchased for my mom and already gave them to her - whoops!

cuter cuticles

I purchased 1 Hit the Bottle stamping polish in the shade, as black as night. I would have picked up more but I already own like 30 of them lol! I also picked up 2 replacement heads for the Big Bling XL Clear Jelly Stamper - holy grail stamper!

A while back Beautometry offered my followers a savings code of 10% when purchasing Hit the Bottle polishes through their online store. Coupon code is nailexperiments - enjoy!

Beyond the Nail is the one brand I have the largest collection of, ringing in around 80-90 bottles (before these purchases). At the event they launched a bunch of new things, and will shortly be added to their website. I purchased the entire neon Galaxy 2.0 collection, a new shimmer topper called Dragon Dust (cousin to the Mermaid Dust Topper - I own 2 bottles of that, so obsessed) and the 4 new additions to the Mystical Dreams collection.

beyond the nail

I'm big into body scrubs and definitely needed to try out the SoGa Peaches shower smoothie!

soga shower smoothie

soga shower smoothie


Second up, the VIP bag!

The amount of product that came with the VIP bag was incredibly generous and a huge thank you to the brands who contributed. The VIP bag contained, full size products from several brands, coupon codes and check lists of which brands to visit to redeem the VIP product directly. 

It all came in huge custom Indie Expo Canada blue tote bag - the quality of this bag was amazing!

indie expo canada 2017

I also got this really neat portable phone charger, which wasn't included in the VIP bag - super convenient as my phone was on 30% 1 hour into the event lol!

indie expo canada 2017


This beauty is called V.I.POLISH Indie Expo Canada 2017 
I was sent this polish prior to the event for swatching, feel free to check out my swatch photos here. Since I have 2 bottles of this, perhaps a giveaway is in the works ;) 

O Canada Indie Expo Canada VIP Exclusive

colors by llarowe O Canada Indie Expo Canada 2017 exclusive

Taking on Toronto

tonic polish taking in Toronto

Toronto Indie Expo CA

bliss polish Toronto Indie Expo Canada VIP POLISH

Love at Hyatt Regency 

great lakes lacquer indie expo canada vip polish love at hyatt regency

Diamonds are Forever Indie Expo Canada Limited Edition

Sun Bathing on Lake Ontario Indie Expo Canada VIP Limited Edition

Sun Bathing on Lake Ontario Indie Expo Canada VIP Limited Edition

2 items were provided via the Beautometry stockist:
- Hit the Bottle stamping polish in, On the loose with chartreuse limited edition
- Moyra stamping plate 108 Sounds of your world

hit the bottle indie expo canada limited edition on the loose with chartreuse

Moyra stamping plate 108 sounds of your world

Bubble bath cupcakes in the lovely scent black raspberry vanilla with a touch of fairy dust and glitter!
These bubble bath cupcakes are so much fun - You get bubbles and a good fizz! 

soga soap vip indie expo canada

Toronto Sunrise Indie Expo Canada VIP

Toronto Sunrise Indie Expo Canada VIP

Generous Beauty Indie Expo Canada Exclusive

Generous Beauty Indie Expo Canada Exclusive

Final Girl Indie Expo Canada Exclusive

Stealing Your Thunder along side a natural handmade soap in the lovely scent, White Flowers.

Stealing Your Thunder

How cute are these vinyls from Beyond the Nail?! I'm loving the combo of unicorns, hearts, mermaids and butterflies <3

beyond the nail


Lastly, Press Samples & Extras

I've been a dedicated swatcher/blogger for Canvas Lacquer for quite some time and they generously gifted me all these beauties + a new cuticle oil! - Thank you so much Lan and Alana <3

From left to right: 
1) Going Green: (thermal - cool toned deep green that turns lime green with shimmer when warm)
2) Iron Throne: Sparkling silver with various shimmer
3) Boy, BYE!: (thermal reactive) Orange/red with a subtle shift to yellow-gold when warm
4) 6ix on the Beach: (glow in the dark) Lightly textured neon coral featuring 2 glow pigments
5) Glow up: (solar/uv reactive) A barely there baby blue that turns a shimmery magenta in the sun or under UV light
6) Fresh Buds cuticle oil - lily of the valley blend featuring baby's breath

canvas lacquer

During the official press coverage session, Sammy provided a press sample of an Indie Expo Canada exclusive cuticle oil in the scent Kensington - sweet incense! 

cuter cuticle indie expo canada exclusive cuticle oil kensington

During the official press coverage session, Lara provided me with a neatly packed folder including; a mini of Merman (click here for my swatches) along side informative print outs. I've been a dedicated swatcher/blogger for Fiendish Fancies for quite some time and was so excited so see MY actual swatches on those print outs! - How cool is that??

I recently won a giveaway from Beautometry, we began e-mailing and I suggested since Indie Expo Canada at this point is a week away, if they would prefer providing the prize in person vs shipping. Made sense to bring it in person and they did! Once I arrived at their booth, I was told to pick out 5 Creative Shop stamping plates! WOWZA! I was like a kid in a candy store and was incredibly thankful for their generosity <3 

Cant wait to get my stamp on!

creative shop stamping plates

The beautiful Katie from Harlow & Co attended the event and it was so wonderful to finally meet her! She asked if I would like a chose a complimentary polish from the new ILNP Summer and Summer Jellies collection. My eye bolted to the stunning Surfboard .. so much beauty! Thanks Katie!



Polish addict? check! Regrets? Only regrets is not being able to purchase more but am incredibly grateful with what I did purchase! Also incredibly grateful for all the makers generosity with their VIP bag contributions - you rock! International online shopping as a Canadian can be quite bittersweet and it was definitely such a treat to have had so many amazing international brands attend Indie Expo Canada. I have so many new goodies to play with .. if you need me, I'll be in my mani cave having a grand old time! 

This post wasn't intended to be me showing off /bragging in any sense and hope no one took it as so. I personally enjoy seeing other peoples hauls, especially YouTube hauls - so fun to see peoples genuine reaction to things! I'm genuinely thankful to have been apart of such an amazing event and its an experience I'll never forget! Until next year my friends!

Note: Some vendors may decide to list exclusives and limited edition polishes on the Indie Expo Canada website, so make sure to check back on the website regularly. It's a great way to snag some polishes incase you weren't able to attend the event. 

For more information on Indie Expo Canada please visit:

Thanks again for stopping by and I'll see you back soon <3


  1. It was great to hear of your experience. I hope one day, we will have a nail expo in the U.K. You have introduced me to a couple of new brands, so many thanks 😉


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