Monthly Watch Club November 2017

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Monthly Watch Club November 2017

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monthly watch club review

Hi everyone, welcome back! Are you a fan of monthly subscription boxes? There seems to be monthly subscription boxes for just about everything - even watches!

I was recently contacted by Monthly Watch Club, a Canadian ran business. I love showing support to fellow Canadian business! They had asked me if I was interested in reviewing one of their female watches, and of course said yes because I hadn't owned a watch up until receiving this one!

The Monthly Watch Club is fairly new, and started out 10 months ago. They started off by offering only men watches and have now expanded in offering watches for women - yay! The business is simple, individuals pay a monthly subscription fee and receive a brand new custom made watch that is theirs to keep every month! They offer flexible plans to work with anyone (month to month, 3 month, 6 month and yearly). The month to month subscription is as low as $39 CAD, with no commitments and can be cancelled anytime! 

I know this watch was made for the month of November, but life has been quite hectic and left me behind on blog posts. Time to play catch up.

The November style watch sports a black leather strap, paired with a colourful floral face against a black background. I did find the width of the strap to be a tad bulky for my wrist, and have asked them about perhaps introducing options for various width sizes. They actually really liked the sounds of that idea, so perhaps it just might be something they implement sometime down the road! One thing I did notice is the ticking sound, but that quickly faded away amongst as other noise. It is mostly noticeable in quiet rooms, and is probably something people who regularly wear watches are accustomed in hearing.

Here's a closer look at the front face of the watch, how pretty is that floral design?!

monthly watch club review

The straps are made with genuine leather. In my photo the leather is coming off quite glossy, and that is due to my studio lighting. In person, I would say the leather has a sheen but definitely not as glossy as what is translated in the photo. I wanted to show off the leather detailing, so bright lights and a close up shot was much needed!

monthly watch club review

monthly watch club review


I love that the watch comes encased in a nice box that provides protective storage when the watch isn't in use. I think the front face design of this watch is quite feminine and love the idea of receiving a new watch every month. My boyfriend is big into watches, so I may have to look into a watch for him!

What are your thoughts on the Monthly Watch Club? Share your thoughts down below and lets chat!


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