I'm Officially a Bio Seaweed Gel Brand Ambassador!

Monday, February 05, 2018

I'm Officially a Bio Seaweed Gel Brand Ambassador!

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 I'm excited to share that I'm officially a Bio Seaweed Gel Brand Ambassador! Dreams do come true!

Being a nail technician, I've used their products within the industry, as well as own quite the collection for me own personal use. I absolutely LOVE their products! All Bio Seaweed Gel products are the Big-5 Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Friendly and Solvent Free. Zero dehydration, staining or weakening of your nails - Healthier nails, healthier you! Bio Seaweed Gel offers an array of products that includes; two gel polish lines, regular lacquers, sculpting gel system, lamps and tools!

UNITY All-in-One Colour Gel Polish

The UNITY All-in-One Colour Gel Polish line has built in base, colour, top and nail strengtheners all in one bottle. No lamp? No problem. UNITY cures to the touch with no sticky residue in as fast as 30 seconds in direct sunlight. Finish with the newly upgraded No-Wipe Top Gel Polish for a longer-lasting shine The No-Wipe Top Gel also cures to the touch with no sticky residue in 2 minutes in direct sunlight.

3Step Colour Gel Polish Colour Gel Polish

The 3Step Colour Gel Polish is a smooth, self levelling gel colour formula with zero shrinkage. Always use with BSG Base and Top Gel Polish. LED/UV cured. Soak-off remove.

BeBio Nail Lacquer + Beyond Nail Lacquer

BeBio Nail Lacquer and Beyond Nail Lacquer are the same line, just named differently for the US and Canada. BeBio is available on the US website and Beyond Nail Lacquer is available on the Canadian website. Both these lines flawlessly matches your favourite 3STEP Colour Gel Polish for coordinating manicure and pedicure. Long-lasting air-dry lacquer.

BeBio Nail Lacquer/Beyond Nail Lacquer Matching Gel and Lacquer Set

Get the best of both worlds! Contains a matching 3STEP Colour Gel Polish + BeBio Nail Lacquer or Beyond Nail Lacquer.

Sculpting Gel System

The Bio Seaweed Gel Sculpting Gel System offers an array of products that include; base sculpting gel, builder sculpting gel, top sculpting gel, sculpting nail forms, builder 

Base Sculpting Gel, Builder Sculpting Gel, Top Sculpting Gel, BSG Sculpting forms, Top sculpting Gel, Sculpting Nail Forms, Builder X Sculpting Gel and Sculpting Brushes.


I'm incredibly excited to be apart of the Bio Seaweed Gel Squad and looking forward to the future with them!

Feel free to use coupon code NAILEXPERIMENTS for 15% off your order one time. Each person can use my code once, but you can also use other brand ambassadors code for future purchases!

For more info on Bio Seaweed Gel, visit the links down below:

Thank you so much for reading and hope to see you back in my next post <3


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