Daily Charme Aurora Fairy Dust Magic Glitter

Friday, March 09, 2018

Daily Charme Aurora Fairy Dust Magic Glitter


daily charme aurora fairy dust magic glitter review

If you love all things sparkly, this is just the things for you! I was recently sent some goodies from Daily Charme for review and the first thing I want to share with you is their Aurora Fairy Dust Magic Glitter - it's next level awesomeness! 

What is Aurora Fairy Dust Magic Glitter you ask? It's basically mini glitter throwing fairies dancing on your nails 24/7, in a nutshell. In all seriousness, it's a cosmetic grade glitter that when used it'll give your nails that dreamy rainbow effect. Not rainbows as in holographic, but rainbows as in opal/mermaid-like shiftiness. Using it over white and lighter bases will give for a softer rainbow look, while wearing it over black/dark bases will give for a neat golden green chameleon look. This glitter comes in 3 different sizes being 0.004 Original (what I'm going to be showing you today), 0.008 Glitter Dust and 0.015 Chunky. Along with it coming in 3 sizes, it's also available in 2 weights being 4g (what I have) and 8g jars. I can't wait to show you how this looks on!

You can apply this over both gel and regular nail polish. For gel polish: apply over the tacky layer of cured gel polish, then seal with top coat. For regular nail polish: rub the glitters on with your finger while the nail polish is still tacky, then seal with top coat.

daily charme aurora fairy dust magic glitter review

I decided to use Tea Cups from Bio Seaweed Gel as my base gel polish - coupon code NAILEXPERIMENTS for 15% off all goodies at Bio Seaweed Gel. Being that Tea Cups is apart of the Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All in One line, there is no tacky layer for product to be applied onto. I applied 2 coats of Tea Cups, followed by a very thin coat of their Stronger-1 Base Gel and applied the Aurora Dairy Dust Magic Glitter by using a fluffy eyeshadow brush by brushing it over the nail. Lastly, I sealed everything in with the Bio Seaweed Gel No-Wipe Top Gel

This is rather shifty and hard to pick up the entire colour scheme within photo's but I was able to capture some of the shift along with the gorgeous sparkly it gives. This is that type of glitter that will twinkle even in dim light settings - it's absolutely stunning. I've played with various types of Aurora powders before (this is my first glitter type) and love how it looks best over pastel purple, pastel pink and white. 

I wanted to add some simple nail art that wouldn't take away much from the glitter and chose to go with stars. Stars seemed fitting as this glitter sparkles like bright starry night sky! In these photo's I focused on trying to capture the shift versus the sparkle and seriously can't get enough of the base! For the nail art I used Bundle Monster Stamping Plate BM-XL214 (coupon code EXP10 saves you 10% off your Bundle Monster order), Girly Bits XL Crystal Clear Stamper paired with black stamping polish Vibin' from TwinkledT.

daily charme aurora fairy dust magic glitter review

daily charme aurora fairy dust magic glitter review

daily charme aurora fairy dust magic glitter review


I'm so obsessed with this powder and will definitely be using in a lot more upcoming looks!

Want more info on Daily Charme? Visit the links below:

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