Saturday, January 02, 2016

Between Instagram, Youtube and even facebook makeup groups, Colour Pop is popping up out of everywhere. They quickly became very well known, and their makeup is well loved by many hundreds of people .. probably more!

Colour Pop is a U.S brand, which for me as a Canadian shopper .. makes it .. well .. kinda hard as the exchange rate sucks for us! I purchased this set off a friend in a local makeup group on Facebook for $25CAD. The price is regularly listed at $30USD + shipping, bringing it up to almost $50CAD once the conversion rate kicks in .. ah! I was very lucky to score this set at such an affordable cost!

Choker: light cool toned beige in a creme finish
Mosh Pit: mid tone warm brown in a matte finish
TGIF: true brick red in a matte finish
Baewatch: dusty rose in a matte finish 
Out of sync: bright blue fushia in a matte finish
Too sexy: deep red violet with a subtle blue flash in a matte finish

I enjoy doing these makeup blog posts, so look out for more!
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