Friday, February 05, 2016

Am I really doing my first ever DIY tutorial? It's not even a nail tutorial! I'll be diving into the crafting world, and duh I had to incorporate nail polish ..  because #polishaddict that's why LOL
Some point last year, this whole dragon's egg thing broke the Internet, and I started seeing everyone make them! I seen so many beautiful creations, and knew I had to make some for myself! I want to start off by saying, these are super easy to make, very inexpensive but very tedious work! I personally find it therapeutic, and enjoy the 'tedious' aspect of it. 
As a polish addict, I only have like a bajillion bottles of polish .. no big deal! Great way to use up polish that's gone unloved for a while, and bring those beautiful colors to life.

blah blah blah .. okay onto the the steps!

1) Styrofoam egg - (got mine a Dollarama, as they have all the Easter things set out already)
Desired polish(s) - (could be 1, 2, 3 .. you be the boss!)
2) Topcoat - (I used a quick dry, because who has time to wait? not this girl .. oh and you can use either a shiny topcoat, or a matte one)
3) Thumbs tacks - (got mine at Dollar Tree, and make sure to get a lot!)
4) Something to stick the tacks into (I used a piece of a cardboard box, or you can use a foam board)

1) Begin by carefully inserting the tacks into the cardboard, making sure to not stick them in all the way. I placed a towel underneath while sitting at a table, to prevent any tacks poking dents into the table. It helps to have them sticking out a bit, to ensure all edges get painted. I suggest making even numbered rows, as it's easier to keep count/track to know which tack has to be painted next. This is especially important for when and if you need to do a second coat, and topping it off with topcoat. 
2) After you've spent an eternity sticking the tacks in the board, begin by painting them one by one .. yes this takes forever, but the outcome is worth it!
3) Once you've reached the desired opaqueness, top off with desired topcoat (shiny or matte). 
4) Once everything is dry, begin by sticking a tack in the middle larger bottom portion of the egg.
5) Follow by overlapping tacks, until the entire egg is completely covered. It's important to ensure all tacks over lap, as it gives it that 'scale' look but also ensures they all stay in place. You can also use glue to ensure they really stay in place,  but I didn't bother. 

Photo's will be down below 

The number of tacks used, will vary depending on the size of the egg. Feel free to check out for more informative information in regards to sizing of eggs. 
I made 2 eggs; 1 larger and 1 smaller. I checked for sizing on the packaging of the eggs, but low and behold sadly no information was provided. They came from Dollarama, what did you expect? haha 
I painted more tacks than needed, because it was better to be safe than sorry. With all the extra tacks from all 3 eggs I've created to date, I'll use them to create a totally random colored egg. For this particular egg I used about 120ish tacks, and will vary depending on the size of egg used.



That one above, I made for a friend - but here are two that I made for myself

(Painted all tacks with Dainty Digits in 'Ceres', and used about 250ish tacks for this larger size)

(I used a black base, various flakie toppers from Girly Bits and topped off with a matte topcoat. I used about 120ish tacks for this smaller egg)

This is defintley one of my more longer posts, and I hope I sparked some creativity into you today! These are super easy, and you can be as creative as you wish. You don't even need to use polish, as you can even spray paint the tacks if you wish. However you paint them, make sure to seal them with some sort of topcoat. This is by no means my original idea, but it makes for fun decor pieces or even as gifts! 



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