Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mermaid scales + holo polish? YES PLEASE! I got the inspiration for this mani from Maddy over at Spilledpolish, and knew I had to recreate my own version! Her's is obviously way better, but I wanted to keep it simple :)

I started off by applying 2 thin coats of Beyond the Nail polish in BEYOND THE TEAL, and topped off with a quick dry topcoat. I proceeded by applying 1 coat of my LIGHT BLUE colored EASY PEEL LATEX BARRIER along the skin surrounding the cuticle, and waited for that to dry. I stamped the mermaid scales with Beyond the Nail polish in BRIGHT WHITE, stamping plate HEHE005 and used the Born Pretty Store CLEAR JELLY STAMPER. Taking the pointy end of an orange wood stick, I gently begin running it along the cuticle to carefully separate any polish. Peeled off the latex, and topped with a quick dry topcoat!

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Hope you all enjoyed this post, and as always thanks for stopping by!

Toodles <3


  1. I love this!! I've never been someone's inspiration before, so that's awesome :)
    Ugh I can't wait to get my clear jelly stamper - you're making me jealous!

    1. You always have the cutest nail art, and it always inspires me! You just inspire me in general with all you do :)
      I can't wait for you to get it also, because its amazing!


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