Monday, February 08, 2016

DISCLAIMER: These products were not sent to me for review, as I purchased this myself. This post states my personal, and unbiased opinions.

Woke up this morning with one thought on my mind, which was to paint my nails with something super sparkly. I have a love/hate relationship with glitter polish, as its a pain in the ass to remove. I had no intentions of wanting my manicure to pop right off, but it sadly did. 
R.I.P beautiful rose gold polish *insert sad face*

Over the past while, there has been several peel off base coats on the market. Most of them contain a glue base, which has never been a favorite of mine. When I'm looking for any nail products, dry time really makes it or breaks it for me. I'm such an impatient person, and why wait around for polish to dry when we have more important things to do. Glue based peel off base coats tend to take quite a while to dry which is a nuisance to me. This one I believe is water based, which is crazy to me because it's the first of its kind I've come across. The first couple of time's I tried it, it just wasn't delivering what it claimed to do. I shouldn't say it wasn't entirely doing its job, but it was doing a half ass job. For others it would easily peel off in one clean sheet, and for me I had to scrape it off with a cuticle pusher. I should say that scraping your nails isn't the healthiest thing, but I had to do what I had to do okay? Desperate times calls for desperate measures lol I was pretty bummed out, as I had high hopes and thought it would allow me to wear glitter more often. Today was the day where I painted my nails this gorgeous rose-gold glittery concoction, and never wanted it to come off! When I originally tested this base coat out, I was using only 1 coat. Today, I decided to try 2 coats assuming it would help peel it off easier. The 2 coats definitely helped alright, and popped off every single nail in full clean sheets. I was frikkn amazed, because it finally decided to work for me. I wanted to keep this polish on for a few days, but it sadly popped off within 2 hours of wearing it. I was getting ready to go out, and as I was pulling my pants up I noticed the polish popped off. First I freaked out because I had no time to re-do my nails, and hate going out into the real world with naked nails. THE HORROR! Secondly, I freaked out in amazement that I finally figured out a way to make this work! I realize I can't wear this and expect my polish to last for a few days. I would use this mainly for when I'm swatching glitter polishes, which would save my skin from being dried up by acetone. Prior to using this base coat, I was removing my glitter in a way that left my fingers super dry. It's an effective method, which I'll share in a future post. After the first nail popped off, I couldn't help but pop off the other ones. It was oddly satisfying to see them all effortlessly peel off, as I'm easily amused. 


Some shots of the polish I was wearing prior to them all popping off

This is the end result of them all popping off 

Ready for take off UNT peel off base coat can be purchased HERE

My quest continues to find something similar to this, preferably something that will last a few days. What's your favorite peel off base coat? Perhaps someone has tips on how I can get my manicure to last longer, while using this peel off base coat. I would love to hear comments down below, and as always thanks for stopping by!



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    1. When they first popped off, they didn't look like this. I wanted to take a photo when I came home, they were all curled up haha so weird! Is it sad that I want to save these? lmao collect all my R.I.P mani's into a bag LOL

  2. I was thinking of getting this peel off base coat but you're the second person I hear saying that it popped off by its own after just a few hours :( So I'm not sure about this anymore ... I like to choose when I remove my nail polish ... Did you also try it with regular nailart or only glitters ?

  3. Using a base coat like Nail Envy under the UNT makes it stay on longer usually until you're ready to pop it off.


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