Friday, February 19, 2016

Holographic is all the craze lately, and it's one of FAVORITE finishes in a polish. If you know me, then you'll know I've classified myself as an official holo loving whore lol! I'm obsessed with all things holo, as I even have a few holo purses and next on the agenda is to hunt down holo shoes! Call me crazy, but I'd actually wear them! A friend tagged me in this specific polish available at h&m on Facebook, and it was love at first glance. I hunted down 3 locations, and was disappointing that I couldn't find it. I was at Eatons Center downtown Toronto yesterday, and my boyfriend wanted to pick up some clothes. While he looked for clothes, I went on the hunt and low and behold I finally found it! I wasn't even trying to look for it, as I was actually searching for specific blushes that Tati on YouTube recommended, which I found. I posted my holo findings on a local nail meet up group, as we have a meet up on Sunday. I got several requests to grab a bunch for my fellow holo loving ladies, and I literally no joke, cleared the entire row of this particular polish. Cashier looked at me funny, but I could care less! Just saving the day with one holo bottle of polish at a time *insert sunglasses emoji face + rainbow*


Isn't it a beauty? It's such a gorgeous linear holo, with I want to say I believe a 35 grade of spectraflair.

As always, thanks for so much for stopping by! <3



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