Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Spring is finally in the air, and as the weather changes I decided to make some changes of my own!

I've been contemplating changing my blog name for quite some time, but couldn't pin point that perfect name. I wanted to make sure whatever I chose would be a forever name, because re-branding isn't something I want to get in the habit of. I figured since I'm a newer blogger, re-branding at this stage wouldn't be so bad. I had some names in mind, but non of them were good enough. I wanted to give it time, and wait for that 'AHA!' moment! After tedious thought I chose Manicured Canvas, as its fitting to what my blog entails. I write mostly in regards to nail topics, but it's also fitting for other beauty categories! I'm going to be expanding my blog with makeup/beauty posts, and think the name suits the entire beauty category.

Why did I change my name to Manicured Canvas from NailExperiments? I'm an artisan of a product called Easy Peel, and my company's name is NailExperiments. I figured over time, it would be confusing to have a blog + my brand mixed into one. I wanted to keep everything separate, as it's better for everyone that way. Whenever I make a social media account I always try and keep the same user name, which is usually NailExperiments. I'm getting more serious about blogging, and just wanted to keep that separation and not confuse my lovely readers! From this point forward I'll be water marking my new posts with my new blog name, but decided to leave my other posts as is. 

Just wanted to write this post encase anyone was confused, because I want to keep my lovlies up to date!

What do you think of my new blog name? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions <3


  1. Love the new name, lady. It's very fitting and I think you're right to separate things a bit.


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