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Howdy friends! I'm quite excited to share all these goodies with you today that Leslee from Splendor By Leslee was kind enough to send my way. She recently rebranded and perhaps you may know her former brand name as Splendor Nail Lacquer. She's done quite the eye catching job on her rebrand and happy to see her back in action! 

Being a Canadian I'm always excited in blasting the news about my fellow Canadian brands. Not to say I don't have an equal love for international makers, but it's always something special when you hit close to home ya know? I feel Canadian makers are undersaturated, so even better to spread the news about my fellow Canucks (Canadians). 

A little bit behind the brand: Leslee is located in NW Ontario originally from Winnipeg. She's been a life long polish collector and crafter/artist. Her previous career was a Research Laboratory Technician. She found that making polish and now some body products has allowed her to happily combine her technical skills along with her artistic side.

I will be sharing swatches of the new Winter Trio, a polish from an earlier collection, a lotion bar, lip balm and cuticle oil. There is also a mystery polish that'll be launching in January (the orange one) but won't be revealing swatches of that just yet .. but a little bottle sneak peak never hurt nobody ;)

Lets get right into this!


Described as a vibrant berry pink polish gilded with gold. Loaded with a shifty gold to blue-purple shimmer and a sprinkle of golden glass flecks. This was applied in 3 easy thin coats + topcoat. 

Described as a dreamy blue-green loaded with a violet iradescense and bronze gold flecks. This is shown in 3 easy coats + topcoat.

Described as a super squishy jelly polish. It has a lovely blue shimmer and sprinkle of silver holographic micro glitters. This is shown in 3 easy thin coats + topcoat.


Described as a classic black jelly which has a generous helping of gold holographic glitter dust and gold flakes. This was shown in 3 easy thin coats + topcoat.


Description: Smooth and rich you're sure to love our lotion bars. These little babies fit into the palm of your hand but packs a punch when it comes to hand care. 

Click on the title to be directed for more information regarding this product. I was sent the incredibly delicious fragrance hot cocoa which is every chocolate lovers dream! She has different fragrance options available and am positive there is something for everyone. 

I will begin by stating I do have eczema issues and am very particular in which hand products I use. I use a medicated/prescribed cream for my more serious targeted eczema areas and once it's healed, I like to maintain with a quality hand lotion. It's quite the test/trial situation and most of the time an disappointed as most products break me out, cause a burning sensation and make my hands red from irritation. I'm very happy this product didn't cause me any of that discomfort! This was the first time I've ever tried a lotion in a solidified form, and I will say it was quite fun to use. It fit comfortably within my palms and the warmth of my hands easily dispersed/melted product off as I rubbed it in. 

This product does come shrink wrapped, which isn't photographed here because I decided to photograph after I opened it all LOL oops!


Description: Splendor by Leslee Lip Balm will leave your lips silky soft and kissable! I've carefully selected and hand-blended ingredient to soothe and moisturize even the most chapped lips. 

Feel free to click on the title to be directed to the product page where more information is available. I was sent the Natural (unscented) but she does have quite the lovely selection of fragrances to chose from.

I'm a lip balm gal all year round, most especially winter! My lips can easily get severely chapped and I feel I've been on the hunt forever for a good quality lip balm. I kid you not, the first application of this had me hooked! I don't know how she made such a perfect formula, but she did! It's a thick formula that stays put for a good protective barrier through this current harsh cold winter season. Some lip balms disappear rather quickly on my lips, which is annoying AF! Think of a good hair mask .. well this is that but for your lips lol! Extremely hydrating and gives all the benefits a quality lip balm should! 

I don't have an actual stand alone photo of this product so excuse me while I borrow one from Leslee's website hehe. This product also comes shrink wrapped as well, but duh, just like the lotion bar I kinda dug into everything before photographing haha. Was kinda hard not too :p



*releasing January 2nd*

Description: Formulated with quick absorption in mind, this nourishing oil is sure to keep your cuticles in tip top shape! 

Upon release you can look forward in 2 sizes; 5ml glass roller ball and a 15ml full sized glass bottle.

This oil is kinda of what started all this haha and will explain within the end of my post for my final thoughts etc. 

The formulation is by far excellent .. I'm starting to notice a pattern, as thus far her products feel incredibly luxurious. Not too thick and not too thin .. just right and it absorbs rather quickly, which is great! No one likes a thick oily mess left on their skin for daily use. I really enjoy full sized bottles for at home use and roller balls for on the go. I was asked which fragrance I preferred and my choice was the scrumptious oatmeal, milk and honey .. seriously, smells divine! 

Ah, I'm actually going to share my naked nails because I had just slathered on some in between swatching.


The cuticle oil is kinda of what started all this haha let me explain. I posted in a Facebook group The Maple Lounge, posted asking if someone could advise where I could purchase 15ml full sized bottle of cuticle oil. Leslee was the first to comment and it kinda took off from that! We ended up chatting and she asked me if I was interested in testing out her cuticle oil, of course I said yes. She knew I was a blogger and ended up included all these extra goodies which your seeing within the post .. I felt incredibly spoiled and seriously wasn't expecting anything extra from what she had originally planned to send. She did talk about including a few polishes which to my surprise was a wealth more than I would have ever expected. 

I can tell Leslee puts a lot of work into what she does because her products are so well made and speak volumes. The lip balm, cuticle oil and lotion bar feel quite of a luxurious quality. The polishes all applied very easily without any issue and I'm usually quite picky about polish. The Winter trio is such a fun collection and love all the beautiful flecks within them. I've been looking for a polish like Phosphorylation for quite some time as the black with gold flecks is insanely beautiful! 


Hope everyone enjoyed the post and I'll be seeing you shortly for the upcoming Digital Dozen weekly challenge, which will be a 'December' themed week! 


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