Wet n Wild Limited Edition Mermaid Highlighting Bar in Midnight Moon

Friday, September 15, 2017

Wet n Wild Limited Edition 

Mermaid Highlighting Bar in Midnight Moon

wet n wild midnight mermaid highlighting bar swatch

Hello friends, welcome back! I'm pretty jazzed to share my swatch of the new Wet n Wild Limited Edition Mermaid Highlighting Bar in Midnight Moon. In my books, no makeup look is complete without a heavy dose of highlighter - I need to be seen from space, really, I love my glow! 

One of my local Canadian friends traveled to the USA recently and I asked her to hunt me down this beauty. I've got some pretty awesome friends if I don't say so myself!

The Wet n Wild Midnight Moon highlighter is apart of the Midnight Mermaid Collection. The collection itself has so many gorgeous products but I had my eye heavily set on this highlighter! As per the Wet n Wild website, the Midnight Moon Highlighting Bar is described as: "Like an elusive treasure only found in the deepest of oceans, this Highlighting Bar captures the essence and glow of a long long pearl jewel. Shimmer and beam like a mermaid rising from he ocean's water to gaze upon the midnight moon. This silky-smooth and ultra-pearl formula easily blends onto the skin for a radiant glow".

wet n wild midnight mermaid highlighting bar swatch

For my swatch I used the hibiscus flower VinoSwatch makeup stencil from Polished Vino - they make makeup swatching so much fun! The formula is buttery, blends nicely and gives a really nice wet look to the skin - which I love! It was hard to photograph, but there was violet teeny tiny micro sparkles throughout, which were barely noticeable once applied and blended out onto the skin. The shade pairs really nicely with my fair complexion and love the mermaid scales and tail embossed design - almost makes me sad to use it! Wet n Wild products are all around a very a affordable drug store brand and this highlighter retails for $6.99 USD. This is a limited edition product, so I suggest getting it while you can! 

Isn't this highlight gorgeous? Let's chat in the comments down below =)

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back in my next post!


  1. I have seen very good review about this highlighter always. But couldn't try this as not available in U.K. Recently, I did makeup lesson by Lina Cameron , so I need to practice a lot to improve my skill. I am going to visit my sister U.S.A next month. I will must try this one.


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