Winter Whimsical Nail Art Tutorial | Step by Step + Video Tutorial

Monday, November 06, 2017

Winter Whimsical Nail Art Tutorial 

Step by Step + Video Tutorial

winter nail art tutorial

Hello everyone, welcome back! Today I have a fun winter whimsical themed nail art tutorial for you and I'm so excited to share how I achieved this look! 

The winter season along with the Christmas holiday, is hands down my most favourite time of the year to create holiday themed nail art. I know were technically still within the Fall season but, if your anything like me, you like to get your nail art inspiration ideas early on.

Down below I have a written out step by step tutorial and an attached video tutorial for those who prefer a visual demonstration.

Let's get onto the winter nail art fun! 


winter nail art tutorial

Disclaimer: I was sent some new goodies to review courtesy of WhatsUp Nails and Clear Jelly Stamper. Alongside the other products used, I will be incorporating the new Aurora Supreme from WhatsUp Nails and stamping plate CJS C 14 from Clear Jelly Stamper.

**If you click on the pink highlighted areas, it will take you directly to the product listings. Check down below for product shots**

  1. I began by applying 2 coats of a periwinkle nail polish by OPI called Your Such a Budapest.
  2. Once the 2 coats of nail polish had some time to dry down, I sealed all nails with 1 glossy coat of a quick dry top coat by Glisten & Glow.
  3. To protect my skin from the upcoming flakie application (they can easily get all over the place), I used Clean Cuticle Easy Peel Off Tape from Twinkled T. **This is a great alternative for those whom have an allergy to latex**
  4. For the flakie application, I worked on one nail at a time. I applied 1 thin coat of a sticky base coat from Glisten & Glow. It helps give the nails a tacky layer for the flakies to adhere too.
  5. Using WhatsUp Nails Dance fan brush 14, I gently dipped into the pot of WhatsUp Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies and transferred them onto the nail. 
  6. After I was happy with the placement of flakies, using my finger ever so gently, I pressed the flakies further down into the sticky base coat. **In step number 4 I mentioned I worked on one nail at a time because the sticky base coat I used dries down fairly quickly. I find adhering the flakies to the nails while the base coat is not all the way dry makes for adhering the flakies a lot easier.  You could completely skip out on using the base coat method and just adhere the flakies to the top coat before it fully dries down**
  7. Once I completed all nails, I peeled off the Twinkled T Clean Cuticle Easy Peel Off Tape, followed by applying 1 glossy coat of top coat and allowed that to completely dry before moving onto the next phase of nail art.
  8. In preparation for some nail stamping, I prepped my skin and cuticles with Lace Liquid Latex from Twinkled T. It helps to avoid a tedious clean up and protects the skin from all the excess stamping polish that would transfer onto the skin.
  9. Using Glow Up (white) stamping polish from Twinkled T, along with Clear Jelly Stamping plate CJS C 14 and their Big Bling XL stamper - I transferred an image from that plate to index, middle and pinky finger nail.
  10. For my accent nail (the ring finger nail) I used the same white stamping polish, along with another image from the same stamping plate and transferred it to my accent nail.
  11. For a dimensional pop effect, I went overtop each image with Vibin' (black) stamping polish by Twinkled T and layered the same images overtop each nail. I did so by placing the image slightly to the side of the base white stamped image - it gives for a really cool effect!
  12. Once all nails have been stamped, using tweezers I began peeling off the liquid latex. 
  13. Any minuscule tid bits of stamping polish left over, I went in with a nail clean up brush paired with nail polish remover to clean up.
  14. Once nails were all cleaned up, I sealed all nails in with a final glossy coat of top coat.

Check out this macro shot!

winter nail art tutorial

Down below are shots of the products I used for reference:

opi your such a budapest swatch and review

glisten and glow top coat review

glisten and glow base coat review'

whats up nail fan brush review

Down below I have several shots of the WhatsUp Nails Aurora flakies to showcase how shifty and gorgeous they are! 

whatsup nails auora supreme flakies review and swatch

whatsup nails auora supreme flakies review and swatch

whatsup nails auora supreme flakies review and swatch

whatsup nails auora supreme flakies review and swatch

whatsup nails auora supreme flakies review and swatch

twinkled t glow up white stamping polish review

twinkled t vibin' black stamping polish review

Clear I have a love for the Twinkled T Lace Liquid Latex as bottle is nearing being empty! 

twinkled t lace liquid latex review

twinkled t clean cuticle easy peel off tape review

The circled areas are the two images I used to create this fun winter whimsical nail art look!

Save 10% off all Clear Jelly Stamper goodies by using coupon code Nailexperiments.

clear jelly stamper plate cjsc14 swatch and review

the big bling xl stamper by clear jelly stamper review


Down below is the promised attached video tutorial for those interested in a visual tutorial:


Thank you so much for stopping by and hope to see you back in my next post,


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