Mini Mani Monday | Orly Breathable Love My Nails [1]

Monday, August 10, 2020

 Mini Mani Monday | Orly Breathable Love My Nails [1]

orly love my nails swatch

Hi everyone - welcome back and I hope you're all doing well!

We all know I haven't been the most consistent blogger for quite some time and really want to get back into the swing of things. I was brainstorming some weekly prompts/mini series to add into the mix - just trying to keep things fun and fresh!

 I seem to have quite a massive stockpile of mini nail polishes, the 5ml size in comparison to the full sized 15ml bottles. Some I've swatched or never even worn, so I wanted to find a way to motivate myself to start putting them to use! Thus, the weekly mini series "Mini Mani Monday" was born! Every Monday I will be sharing a post featuring a random mini nail polish from my collection. I intend to wear the featured nail polish for a few days - however long it lasts, due to me being a nail technician and my nails not lasting for extended periods of time.

Hopefully I can motivate and inspire all of you to join in on the fun and put those mini's to use! I will be posting my swatch photo to Instagram every Monday and if you happen to join on in, please tag me (@nailexperiments) so I can re-share to my Instagram stories!

Let's get right on into the first featured polish!


Quo - Love My Nails

I was feeling a little "spicy" today and wanted a bright pop of a red!

Love My Nails is a bright and blue under toned red creme nail polish. My swatch shows it applied in 2 easy creamy, hassle free coats. For my base coat I used Essie First Base, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat for a nice glossy and quick drying finish.

This red 100% gave me that vavavoom factor I was looking for - stunning. I got this in a Christmas advent calendar a few years ago and kept all the mini's because I genuinely love their Breathable line formula. I find it impressively long wearing and absolutely love their easy to use creme formulas.

orly love my nails swatch

orly love my nails swatch

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully I've inspired you to wear and enjoy some of those mini's!




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